Games I play with elementary...

5-10 mins on marking/reviewing homework
25-30 on one page from the book.
5 minutes giving out stars/assigning homework from workbook.

These are games I play with elementary that need no prep. It helps kids to make the connection on the lesson rather than lecturing at them and finding out the next day they didn't understand.

Today's chapter had 8 words and the verbs that we use with them, usually in the chapter we review what the words are, how to use them in a positive and negative sentence, and how to use them in a questions form.

Like, take a shower, or get dressed, eat breakfast.

First the class repeats after me for reading the words. They can do it in a silly or loud voice if they want, I don't penalize anyone unless they're screaming in a high-pitch migraine enducing tone. (It makes it more fun if you can say it how you want).

Then we match the pictures on the page with the words. One person answers "What is he doing?" then the next person answers, what number is "getting dressed?" (I do it this way because there's sometimes not enough words for the amount of students I have.. and it's apocolyptic meltdown if someone doesn't get a turn... even if they get a turn in the next activity, it's not good enough. My class wants a turn for every round of questions.)

Depending on the day of the week we're using to cover this... we could either play charades... What is s/he doing? She's getting dressed! The child picks one of the words from the list and acts it out. Make sure all the words get acted out.

Another option is: match the words with their correct verbs! (although I don't say that, I just tell them to match them... I'm not in control of their grammatical terminology so I'm never exactly sure of what they know...)

I'll have a list on the left that never changes of "get" and "take" and "eat"
and then I'll mix up the other list with "dressed" "a shower" and "breakfast". I think it's important that a goes with shower so they know shower needs an article, rather than associating it with the verb take.

Children then come to the board and draw lines to match. I never allow a child to do the last, obvious one (like #5 out of 5).. I always erase and reset the list and start again.

Another one I recently begun was "What's wrong?"

You choose the basic sentences the book is trying to teach students and you write one of them with an obvious error (or two-three, depending on the student's strength.. they can also be hard or easy)....

What's you doing?

Students come to the board and correct or rewrite the sentence. You can give them prompts like "How many is 'he'? or How many are 'they'?" and they answer you... 1 or 2 and more... and then you say.. so what do we use with 1? Do we use 'are' with one? Or 'is'?

Of course, the tricky one is you where 'you' is often thought of as singular but can be both.. but regardless we use 'are' with it always.

Maybe it's the motivation of stars but kids love it, and often will demand they get another turn with more mistakes to fix. They also love coming to the board because it gives them a chance to play teacher.

These are things I came up with on the fly. Sure, they're not my original idea I'm sure, but I'm proud that I was able to think of them on the spot when we had 20 minutes left of class :) I thought I'd also share for those people on my flist who teach who might find themselves sometimes in a position where they have finished their lesson but still have 10 minutes, but didn't prep for anything... (sometimes it happens, lessons end quicker, or take longer, depending on certain situations). I'm sure the games can be modified to fit other subjects as well :D

Please also share any other games you can think of, teachers or not, so I might further improve my teaching skills :D

Things I've Learned in Korea

I have to say the first time I was told I was being selfish and inconsiderate for not coming to work because I was too sick.... I was shocked. I was absolutely floored and a bit offended. I still think what she said was rude and uncalled for... it didn't show what I feel is cultural sensitivity. I guess that might be using the word wrong, but having worked with foreigners for X amount of years I still believe they should be prepared to tell people that they are unallowed to call in sick, or miss days, if that is how they feel. They can't believe that every other country works under the same work ethics as they do. If you couldn't prepare for it, and it happened, then I could nicely explain the situation and what was expected before it happened again.

However, living here, I've become brainwashed. I feel guilty when I'm sick, even when I come to work. I felt so nervous and anxious, I was having panic attacks because I was in the hospital. I was terrified of being lectured when I got out (and sure enough I did).

It's been a learning experience working in Korea, aside from the usual learning things that most foreigners grasp... like eating with metal chopsticks... and not to pour your own drink at the dinner table. I've learnt that being sick isn't an excuse and I have responsibilities to uphold.

I can't just take a day off (unless my life is at risk) and recover. Other people need and depend on me, as well as I have bills to pay. It's been an eye-opening experience to realize this. I must continue and suffer on and wait until the weekend to rest up. I think I've become stronger physically from doing this. I can't explain to you how I've changed, but... when someone tells you if you miss another day you'll be fired, forced to pack up your belongings and pay your airfare home, as well as the 2,000 dollars it took to take you here, you really can't afford to miss a day. Even if you're throwing up, you come in, barf all over the place and let them decide to send you home.

In the same respects, I have to say, I've never more felt like a race horse anywhere else I've worked. Not even Canada Post where they were just rude and treated you like a mule. There was a solid union who protected your job. Here, people are nice to your face but it sometimes becomes clear what the motivation of others are. My boss came to visit me, but then, saying nothing, waited around for the doctor just to confirm what day I would be able to go back. I understand my hospital was too far for people to visit (I find hospital visits awkward with family and friends to begin with...), and I was okay with that. Oh, did I mention in Korea, there is no privacy? Anyone who knows your name and speaks Korean can phone up and retrieve information on you, your surgery, anything.

I will never think, or say, to someone who misses a day that they're being irresponsible or selfish, I don't believe that's true in the least, but I have found an inner source of strength I never thought I had. I am positive if I return to Canada, unless I am forced to goto surgery, or am dying, I will never miss a day of work, if I manage to find a job that is.

I don't know what to do....

Should I.......

1) Sign on another year?

a) No one seems to be able to come in August, after not being able to make it in December, thus kinda making my trip to Japan kinda crappy.

b) There's an economical depression in US/Canada so it's really hard to get a job (although Matt offered he could get me one on the TTC possibly driving buses.. yuck).

c) I didn't get into Masters and I don't know if I have the energy to apply for it again this year.

d) I can continue to earn money while going home it might be difficult.

2) Come home?

a) I can goto Japan for longer than one week.

b) I can explore Korea freely.

c) I can relax about any medical issues I might have without fear of aggravating my boss, or having to have surgery.

d) I probably won't be as sick as I've been here in Korea.

e) I'll be able to avoid the war if it does blow up post-August.

f) The vacation days for this year are rather shitty.

Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. I think I might be better off coming home for a bit and then resigning later after my medical situation gets sorted out. Or even, signing in Japan, not sure.

I feel so much stress about this decision I'm getting chest pains and feeling dizzy. Ugh.

I just got told by my boss...

The parents and him are concerned about my health and the quality of the teaching for all the students when I miss time. I think this stems from missing one week, for surgery, but they don't realize what I was going through to opt in for surgery. I literally couldn't eat or drink anything for 2-3 days. I thought waiting another 5 for it to pass was not an option. I couldn't stomach my antibiotic for my sinus infection which means that would only get worse as well. I decided that rather then bustling through the pain as I did last time, I would be too weak by the end of the week if I didn't get it done. I had NO idea it would have been a week off. I thought for sure, I'd be out by Wednesday night and back on my feet Thursday. The doctor however, delayed the operation so late Wednesday that I wasn't able to leave until Thursday... and when I did, I felt so poorly.. that I wasn't able to goto work until Monday.

He asked me to eat healthier and look after myself more. To teach them actively and loudly (and I do, this semester we play a lot more games).

He told me he thought I was the best teacher, if I don't get sick.

I really loved hearing that but at the same time, I'm kind of upset. My kidney stones I think have nothing to do with what I'm eating (other than a testiment to that I'm eating healthy)... it's really been a freak of nature thing to have had 3 within the past 8 months.

I ended up crying and apologizing, because I've honestly felt so bad since I was in the hospital. I feel like I've been brainwashed into being Korean. In Canada, normally, I'd be like whatever, I'm sick and that's that.. but here, it's like a horror situation and you shouldn't be so selfish to miss time off.

There was a woman who missed ten days for stress, and often went to doctor's appointments. She's been here longer and she's Korean soooo... I wonder if she was talked to.

I think honestly it's twenty-six years or so of kidney stones and my kidney is just getting rid of them now.. unfortunately. I want to see a doctor to find out why I'm having so many... but... I want to wait until I go home.

If I have to get my kidney cut open and all the stones removed, so be it. Anything to stop this. I won't do that here though.

I woke up right after surgery, hacking up brown foam. I freaked out because, white.. yes... yellow maybe.. an infection, but what the hell--- BROWN?! I was so upset, no one would tell me why. They just got a heated blanket and took me to another room.

I kept throwing up brown stuff, and then blood. I wondered, what did they do to me. I showed the nurse, and asked if this was ok? And she said yes. I asked, why brown, why red? She said, because I had been given an oxygen tube. Maybe I'd never had one before in my numerous surgeries... so I have to check if that's normal. My tongue and neck were swollen too. I think they were just rough.

Schedule with new room names.

10:35-11:15TexasBreak (M.E.)TexasTexasTexas
(English Gym Games)
12:55-1:35OakOakGYMOakSpecial Activity
5:30-6:10New YorkAlaskaNew YorkAlaskaNew York

My new schedule.....

10:35-11:15MapleBreak (M.E.)MapleMapleMaple
(English Gym Games)
12:55-1:35WillowWillowGYMWillowSpecial Activity
3:15-3:55Cedar (Kinder)Cedar (Kinder)Cedar (Kinder)Cedar (Kinder)Cedar (Kinder)
4:00-4:40Pine (2:30)Pine (2:30)Pine (2:30)Pine (2:30)Pine (2:30)

Random LoLs.

I asked them to review compound words, telling that that some words are made up of two words put together.

Pop + corn = popcorn.

I asked them to separate a list of words that they didn't know the meaning to, and they were able to do so successfully because they recognized the smaller words. Except one word: briefcase.

When they came to that word, they separated it as:

Brie + fcase

They didn't know the word brief, or case, but they knew the name of the cheese brie, so they separated it accordingly.

Aww, they're all little gourmets!!

Unfortunately, they were unable to separate cheesecloth, failing to recognize either, claiming one was a prefix ><

And a random lol for good measure:

They had to learn songs to dance to for the Open House, except, one of the songs for one of the classes sung Peter Pan, and one of the verses was grammatically wrong.

Where's Wendy? Where's Wendy?

She's all gooone!


Which, I'm not sure if everyone knows the rule, but it sounds like Wendy was eaten doesn't it? Compared to "She's gone" as in she's disappeared/left... All before it implies that there were more than one of her... maybe in pieces... Like where's the hamburger? It's all gone. Where are the vegetables? They're all gone. All is used when there's many of something, not one. I explained this to my kinder kids and they had a good laugh, thankfully.

Peter Pan, the adult version... where Wendy gets dismembered and taken away.... D: sung by kids! hahaha (No, that's not what they were trying to do... the song was just wrong XD)

[Art Request/Trade]

I know I asked this from various people who were open for requests, but I've lost posts, and I can't figure out how to make LJ email me when someone replies >_> I don't have a lot of fanart on me cuz I moved, and wiped my computer before I did (and no scanner)... adurrh, so I can't really show what I have to offer right this second (posting from work too), but if someone would be willing to have faith in me, I assure you it's not horrible? D: I have a tablet~ ^^

I would like to request Mulan/China from any artist willing to try. Doesn't matter your style, or skill. Mulan as in the Chinese story Mulan not Disney :3 Though if you wish to spork my request with humour, you can XD

In exchange I will draw you something (clean, please ^^, kisses = ok), coloured or uncoloured, whatever we agree on. :)

If you'd rather me do something like sign something or post somewhere in exchange or whatever, I am willing to do that :3

Sorry for the randomness~~ and my lack of art to prove my worthiness of asking such an exchange :3

(no subject)

You know what?

CNAnime, or Anime North, whoever has that Canada-chan chickie always printed on shirts.... They need to do a shirt with her and Canada-kun on it for this year (just because of Hetalia)... Yeaahh.. Someone needs to draw it (not me). XD