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Really stressed.

I don't like leaving things to the last minute. I also fear the airport currency conversion will rip me off, but I'm kind of in a situation.

I doubt the bank will have the amount of yen I want to convert to.

I also haven't booked my ticket going home. I was waiting for a better price, but the cheapest day is the last day of my insurance so it might be a sign.

Although, my friend who's coming to Korea and travelling with me to Malaysia then Japan, I don't think she's booked her tickets. I just know she's leaving Korea sometime. I don't want to leave her high and dry~ I don't want to leave on the 2nd, and be like.. yeah so.. uhm you have fun in Japan by yourself for two days. Also don't want to reserve something beyond what I need it for (hotel). Although it's reserved I would like to fix the dates.

As well, I also don't know if said friend is leaving on Sept 1 to go to China, or even if she's heard back from her friend.

Not to rant about friends, I know they're uber busy, but I'd like to secure my stuff. I don't like things hanging.

Also, I have been so stressed I can't sleep well at night, usually I can fall asleep easily at 10pm-1am depending, but it's been 2am or 3am and sometimes I can't sleep. I wake up in the night, constantly, unable to sleep. Stress is killing me.

I had a lot of stuff to do this Tuesday and Wednesday so that could be it.. but even now.. I'm not finished mailing. I have to box up stuff to take to the post office tommorrow. Not finished with Christine's socks, but I guess I'm going to have to mail them, or hope I can get 20 bucks worth by next Tuesday? D:

AHHHHHHH everything is just too much atm. EXPLODES.

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