Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

I'm back!

I'm posting this good news here because I know all the important people who need to know this will get this.. (coughcoughBanchancough).

My power is back... after yet another blown fuse temporarily over washing my counter. I don't seem to understand Korean architecture, or perhaps it's carpentry in this case.

Windows are built without any insulation so, any heating of the room soon goes to waste because.. cool air blows in. Of course, in summer, the air conditioner goes to waste too, and besides, it's somehow unhealthy for you. I never heard or believed aircon sickness until I got really sick in August from turning on the aircon. I've heard that it's because it gets hotter here, and so the drastic change fucks with you, but I'm not sure. I don't believe it's any hotter.... I think just the quality of air that's produced isn't good, because I think it's hooked up to the tap water, which we're all not supposed to drink.

That and mine always leaks and creates piles of mould on my wall. Gross! My floor too makes a stinky mould smell when turned on so, I figure, that might've been the reason I got sick then too.

Okay, but back to the problem I was talking about... there's a 2 burner hot plate kind of thing attached above the washer, and on the counter about 2 feet away from the sink. Below it is the electronics for it, and possibly the washer too, not sure. Where do you think the carpenter placed the caulking to seal off water damage? Around the hot plate so the water when washing the sink/dishes/counter wouldn't get in and blow a fuse? Nooooo! That would actually be logical! He put the caulking inbetween the counter and the wall, to seal off the gap he created when he mismeasured the location of where the counter was supposed to go.

Fine, I'm not really berating him on that, it's probably helpful that food and stuff doesn't get jammed in there... but WHY THE HELL DID HE CAULK THAT PLACE AND NOT THE PLACE WHERE THE ELECTRONICS ARE?! HELLO!? A bottle of the stuff is maybe 5 bucks at most, right? What was he trying to save some money?

Oh another thing, they wallpapered the shit out of this apartment and put it over wood panelling that was on the corners of some jutting out areas. GOOD JOB.

Sorry, just a bit bitter after this happening a second time. I always take extreme care, but sometimes, it just happens and you can't control it. Really, it's shoddy craftmanship that didn't prevent this from happening. Thankfully, I'm not here more than a year so it won't happen more than 2x. I let it dry out, and managed to get the breaker to turn back on again. YAY fridge is finally working again hurrah!

My boss informed me if it broke and didn't come on again I would have to pay for a repairman to fix it. MUHA. Fuck that. I'll pay for the 5 dollars of caulking for someone to fucking do it right and stop this from happening again.

And so is my computer. Huzzah! However, I learned.... when it sparked (my computer, which is a different problem, because the power supply was busted, dangling, dust on the sodering/wires, and I was turning it on and off)... it burnt out the power cable :D So all I have to do is replace the cable and I'M BACK IN BUSINESS. >:D

Note to self: Before you connect up again tonight, wipe down the desk.

(Random: Using laptop with desktop screen to type this).

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