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Volunteer to help. Get sick. Forget to check your LJ inbox. Post to community you promised to help. Look like a giant ass all the while thinking they just didn't want/need your help. Check your inbox randomly after months and realize how much of a heel you've been. Ugh.

How ELSE were they going to contact you, Sleepy? Duuuuuh.
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Everything worked out now! Hurrah! Just have to fix the seating on the flights.

Arriving back home on the 6th. Going to plan a party.. closer to when I'm arriving. Can't think of anything until Open House is out of the way :)

Really stressed.

I don't like leaving things to the last minute. I also fear the airport currency conversion will rip me off, but I'm kind of in a situation.

I doubt the bank will have the amount of yen I want to convert to.

I also haven't booked my ticket going home. I was waiting for a better price, but the cheapest day is the last day of my insurance so it might be a sign.

Although, my friend who's coming to Korea and travelling with me to Malaysia then Japan, I don't think she's booked her tickets. I just know she's leaving Korea sometime. I don't want to leave her high and dry~ I don't want to leave on the 2nd, and be like.. yeah so.. uhm you have fun in Japan by yourself for two days. Also don't want to reserve something beyond what I need it for (hotel). Although it's reserved I would like to fix the dates.

As well, I also don't know if said friend is leaving on Sept 1 to go to China, or even if she's heard back from her friend.

Not to rant about friends, I know they're uber busy, but I'd like to secure my stuff. I don't like things hanging.

Also, I have been so stressed I can't sleep well at night, usually I can fall asleep easily at 10pm-1am depending, but it's been 2am or 3am and sometimes I can't sleep. I wake up in the night, constantly, unable to sleep. Stress is killing me.

I had a lot of stuff to do this Tuesday and Wednesday so that could be it.. but even now.. I'm not finished mailing. I have to box up stuff to take to the post office tommorrow. Not finished with Christine's socks, but I guess I'm going to have to mail them, or hope I can get 20 bucks worth by next Tuesday? D:

AHHHHHHH everything is just too much atm. EXPLODES.
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Question about a song....


I was wondering if anyone knew the title to this song? ^^ I think... I found it when searching Heather Alexander songs, or Mercedes Lackey songs, but I'm sure it was mislabeled, because I haven't found any lyrics that are similar to the story I remember by either songwriter.

It was a story about a plain girl who was an elder sister to two younger beautiful ones. They had many suitors and were anxious to marry, but the father had a rule in place that the eldest sister must marry before the next, and so on. The plain girl was really kind, sweet, and had a beautiful voice but she was always overlooked for her more beautiful sisters. Anyways, one day the sisters devised a plan to get rid of the girl, and sent her off into the cold or snow (I'm not completely sure.. why, I've forgotten). So off she went... never doubting her sisters. Then when it was dark and cold, and she'd lost her way, or realized she might die, or something along those lines, she started singing, or maybe she was singing before, not sure. Anyway, a blind elven prince (? not sure if he was a prince, but I do know he was blind and elven) found her, fell in love with her because her beautiful voice, and they lived together happily in the woods.

I'm sorry for my mediocre, vague recollection of what happened in the song... Partially because of my vagueness I've had trouble locating the song title (ie. no lyrics to search by). Can anyone help? It'd be much appreciated.

Sorry for x-posting.

I was given Goku from Saiyuki by ajj7sunhawk

1. Do you like this character?
Yes, although, at first, I didn't care for him too much. Like all the Saiyuki characters, after a while, I warmed up to him after learning of his background. I deeply can relate to some of his feelings in his past, at least in my darkest times I can.

2. What name/names do you call this character?
Son Goku or Goku. Although Gojyo has an assorted bunch of names like Monkey, Asshole, etc.

3. What image-color do you associate with this character?
Yellow. Could be his eyes. Could be the fact that Son sounds like sun too. ><

4. What image-song do you associate with this character?
"C is for Cookie" because... I'm sure ajj7sunhawk linked me this video:

5. What blood-type do you think this character is?
Definitely, without a doubt, B. Sorry B-people, but Goku completely fits the stereotype.

6. Of all of the titles that this character appears in, which characters do you like to put this character with?
None. I don't yaoi him. I don't really enjoy putting people together who aren't canon, and no, sorry I don't see Sanzo/Goku or Hakkai/Gojyo for that matter. Goku... I like Goku to be with girls he's seen to show interest in in the series (or atleast the manga). He always has these beautiful innocent crushes that go so horribly wrong. (Even though those aren't canon either I suppose because he doesn't really... say he likes her... but Gojyo has often commented things like "You have good taste Monkey, she would have grown up to be beautiful!")

7. What would you want to say to this character?
I don't really have anything to say. I'd probably use food to bribe him to tell me horribly embarrassing or silly stories about the other three though.... of course... far away from said three lest they interrupt my bribing fun and drag him off. Hehehe....

8. Which do you want to do with this character: Shake hands, hug or kiss?
Maybe a kiss on the cheek, definitely lots of hugs. I think he's totally huggable.

Post a comment here if you want me to give you a character to write about :)

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Found someone in the LJ spotlight... and they're doing what I would like to do.

Gives me hope and inspiration <3

Yes, I would love to teach English too... but if given the choice, I would pick being a manga assistant anyday.

I suppose, I'd have to supplement it with English lessons because you don't get paid very much... but omg... <3 manga artist.

And wth note... my coworkers been practicing his song contest entry the entire lesson >>;;

I'm back!

I'm posting this good news here because I know all the important people who need to know this will get this.. (coughcoughBanchancough).

My power is back... after yet another blown fuse temporarily over washing my counter. I don't seem to understand Korean architecture, or perhaps it's carpentry in this case.

Windows are built without any insulation so, any heating of the room soon goes to waste because.. cool air blows in. Of course, in summer, the air conditioner goes to waste too, and besides, it's somehow unhealthy for you. I never heard or believed aircon sickness until I got really sick in August from turning on the aircon. I've heard that it's because it gets hotter here, and so the drastic change fucks with you, but I'm not sure. I don't believe it's any hotter.... I think just the quality of air that's produced isn't good, because I think it's hooked up to the tap water, which we're all not supposed to drink.

That and mine always leaks and creates piles of mould on my wall. Gross! My floor too makes a stinky mould smell when turned on so, I figure, that might've been the reason I got sick then too.

Okay, but back to the problem I was talking about... there's a 2 burner hot plate kind of thing attached above the washer, and on the counter about 2 feet away from the sink. Below it is the electronics for it, and possibly the washer too, not sure. Where do you think the carpenter placed the caulking to seal off water damage? Around the hot plate so the water when washing the sink/dishes/counter wouldn't get in and blow a fuse? Nooooo! That would actually be logical! He put the caulking inbetween the counter and the wall, to seal off the gap he created when he mismeasured the location of where the counter was supposed to go.

Fine, I'm not really berating him on that, it's probably helpful that food and stuff doesn't get jammed in there... but WHY THE HELL DID HE CAULK THAT PLACE AND NOT THE PLACE WHERE THE ELECTRONICS ARE?! HELLO!? A bottle of the stuff is maybe 5 bucks at most, right? What was he trying to save some money?

Oh another thing, they wallpapered the shit out of this apartment and put it over wood panelling that was on the corners of some jutting out areas. GOOD JOB.

Sorry, just a bit bitter after this happening a second time. I always take extreme care, but sometimes, it just happens and you can't control it. Really, it's shoddy craftmanship that didn't prevent this from happening. Thankfully, I'm not here more than a year so it won't happen more than 2x. I let it dry out, and managed to get the breaker to turn back on again. YAY fridge is finally working again hurrah!

My boss informed me if it broke and didn't come on again I would have to pay for a repairman to fix it. MUHA. Fuck that. I'll pay for the 5 dollars of caulking for someone to fucking do it right and stop this from happening again.

And so is my computer. Huzzah! However, I learned.... when it sparked (my computer, which is a different problem, because the power supply was busted, dangling, dust on the sodering/wires, and I was turning it on and off)... it burnt out the power cable :D So all I have to do is replace the cable and I'M BACK IN BUSINESS. >:D

Note to self: Before you connect up again tonight, wipe down the desk.

(Random: Using laptop with desktop screen to type this).


So cold. So sick.

Going to Cafe Nikolia's tonight with Judy, Amanda and possibly one of Amanda's friends. Going to see if I can meet that Irish guy again on second break and invite him too (he doesn't have a cellphone) but we'll see. I felt so bad last night. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I didn't have energy to do anything either, really, not even read or use the computer... just sit there.

Logged into WoW and some punk in the guild changed my officer's note to "Alt of Rai or ather" or something like badly spelt. Grrr. I'm totally alt of Raeilla, or Rae, don't spell my name wrong. When I brought it up to everyone's attention that I'm Rae/Raeilla not Rai one of the officer's were snotty and said "So where's Rae anyway?"

Sorry, you inept noob, but I pulled her. I don't feel like I need to explain myself to everyone where I put my 80. I told the GM and that was enough. You tools can't run Naxx without wiping on the first boss 90 times, and since I don't really require anything from other dungeons (other than achievements for a tailoring pattern.. but that's not going to happen any time soon)... why should I roll with you? You're only going to ask me repeatedly to run you through crap, and sorry but my lock isn't effective that way. If I was a tank, or well-armored class of DPS (mail or plate) MAYBE, but not as a lock, it's annoying. Plus, it's annoying running people through stuff. I will do it in exchange for being helped, or perhaps if it's RFC, but typically not.

Too many people have asked for a run then bailed during it. What a waste of time. I'd much rather be playing my new paladin tyvm.

Sorry for sounding bitter, but if I'm in a guild not built for raiding, people take it as if I'm on my alt, I owe them to come help them (quest, or raid, or dungeon)... because OMFG we're guildies. I owe you nothing. I am not friends with you, and I haven't talked to you before today.. cmon. If I'm in a raiding guild people have more people than necessary to raid typically. I just don't feel like raiding atm, and I don't feel like using my 80. I don't have a lot of time and energy and I'm actually getting enjoyment from levelling my pally.. so... who cares where Raeilla went? >> Ungrateful gits. I have my tank in your guild. Your GM is the same spec as my lock........ WHY DO YOU NEED ME? Geez.

On a more pleasant note... we made banana shakes in class today. Loved them. One of my more favorite things I miss about Canada. Also miss banana bread >>

Cancer.... the new go to disease?

Alright, all parents are guilty of it. They use scare tactics (and sometimes guilt) to get you into eating the foods they want you to eat. From when you were a little kid you're told the truth about foods (although, a bit exaggerated at times). About how some things will make you fat, or will make you sick if you eat too much of it. Science and the news does it too. In an attempt to make everyone more healthy, they analyze foods individually to find out what's good and what's bad. I remember growing up that eggs were the hot debate. What part of the egg was good and what part was bad? One week it was the yolk, the next week it was the other part. Another week, we shouldn't eat them at all, they're entirely bad.

Then the next big thing I remember is carbs being the bad thing. Can't eat carbs. They make you retain fat. Ooo, fat. I knew a ton of people who cut out carbs completely, or almost completely and lost a lot of weight. Props to them, I tried it for two days and lost the will to eat, personally. Carbs isn't just bread, y'know, it's those sugary marinades and sauces that go on meat, and it's some fruits and vegetables too. I ended up feeling so faint and weak, I thought if it continued I might end up in the hospital so I stopped. I think carbs are important, especially grain bread carbs, and carbs in fruit, if all taken in moderation.

It seems science can't agree on a sole thing which is unhealthy for you, and I have to put in my two cents here. I agree with a nutritionist they interviewed recently for a report about red meat, you can't just choose one food and analyze it separately. I think it has to be taken in as a whole, as part of a person's diet, and on an individual basis. We can usually benefit from some intake of it, and too much of anything is bad. An example of this is, all those leafy green vegetables and high oxilate foods you're parents have been shoving down your throat (and recent studies have been encouraging you to eat) actually cause kidney stones. Too much calcium in your diet (especially from calcium supplements) can cause them too!

However, we're not talking about cholesterol or fat anymore, we're talking about something more scarier - cancer. It seems everyone who wants to scare someone out of eating or doing something, they'll tell them that it'll cause cancer. I heard from a friend that we can't drink beer in Korea/China because it contains formaldehyde and we'll get cancer. (I don't know about China, but the South Korean beer rumours are unfounded, atleast the two most popular ones.. Cass and Hite. Koreans take their food care/cleanliness very seriously.)

Someone else said, don't burn meat, it gives you cancer. Another person said, don't eat pizza, it causes cancer. Now studies are saying eating too much processed foods and red meat causes cancer. They mentioned about how eating turkey, chicken and fish was a lot better for you, but that's it. No mention of pork... once again (aside from bacon which falls into the processed category) it slips under the radar. I think pork is a really dangerous meat to eat. The animal eats anything, there's no quality control going on.. from it's brain to it's mouth... and it has the highest fat content of all the meat. It isn't categorized as red meat, but it isn't chicken or fish either. A lot of Koreans firmly believe eating pork is good for you.

They're big rice eaters (WATCH OUT! CARBS!) too, so whatever they're doing, they seem to be keeping in shape (the vast majority I've seen).. and I'm dropping weight like there's no tommorrow.

I'm just kind of irked that cancer is the new big thing. Maybe it's not new, but I have to sit back and wonder who funded these studies and if there isn't some ulterior motivation behind the results? Perhaps it's really for the best interest of the people. Perhaps, like the article said, we're eating in such a way, we're causing the global warming, and so people have banded together to try and make people scared of eating these meats.... Maybe it does really cause cancer. Who knows. I just think the only scarier thing other than cancer is perhaps AIDs, and I don't think they can explain a STD getting through cooked meat..., so cancer is what they chose.

Don't get me wrong, I think too much of anything is bad. I've learned that with eating healthy and my kidney stones. Tea causes them too, btw, haha, lovely. I really do question studies or people who claim doing XYZ causes cancer. I think it's really just the new scare tactic to try and convince people not to do something anymore, because there are really people out there ignorant and selfish enough not to care about anyone or anything but themselves and their own well being.

Who knows really what's going on, but I think it's good to always question everything rather than believe it 100% of what you hear. Every news station is always funded by someone, or something... and every story... you're only ever hearing one side to it.

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I'm such a tard. I just spent 10 minutes trying to find the "edit entry" button and wondering why they took it out where it used to be. Turns out... I kept logging into the wrong account to edit the previous entry to friends onry.

Durh me.